January, 2017

erribly late updating this page again. The short was completed last summer! Now sending it around to festivals. A couple have bitten so far. Here are some images from the completed project.



March 8, 2013

ell well well. It seems I have been terribly neglectful of this page. But I have been diligently plugging away on the project in the in-between hours betwixt work and life. At long last there's light at the end of the tunnel. I will try and update this space more faithfully; for now, here is a new dinosaur. The T-Rex below looked nice lumbering along but his horrible posture made it too hard for him to do much else, so he's been replaced by a somewhat spryer allosaurus.



December 14, 2009

lenty busy but finally getting around to modeling environments. Here's a new dino in a test forest. Click on image for larger version.



May 26, 2009

rontosaurus walk test.



May 21, 2009

tegosaurus walk test.



May 18, 2009

imetrodon walk test.



May 11, 2009

est animation of rex taking a stroll.  View in hi or lo def.



May 08, 2009

More textured critters. Click on the pictures for larger images. 




April 31, 2009

A nice stretch of unemployment means time for Mudbox and texture testing. Click on the pictures for larger images. 




January 28, 2009

One more critter.  I have decided to forgo scientific accuracy in my cartoon time travel tale, and mix dinosaurs from different eras.  I am just nerd enough that it does bother me a little.




January 13, 2009

A couple more models built and rigged; two more dinosaurs and the time traveller.   Wotta lotta rigamarole it is trying to rig a face.  This character is far heavier than all the dinosaurs combined. 

Click to see an animation test with the time traveller and one of the dinos, aimed at shaking out the rig and testing cloth settings.

Looking forward to texturing these fellows.




November 8, 2008

A few months ago I started work on a new animated short.  Unlike my last one, I don't want this project to drag on for years...so to spare myself and my audience, this one will be short and sweet and full of vim.  I will post periodic progress updates to keep a fire lit underneath me.


The story concerns the ordeals of an obstinate time traveler.  So far, most  of the character models are built and rigged. 


Next up will be adding displacement maps as I try to learn Mudbox and Zbrush.