Demo Reel - updated June 2019
    Demo Reel Shot Breakdown:
'GLASS' digital double
-rig skinning and animation (for Powerhouse)
'GLASS' van replacement
-Animation (for Powerhouse)
'GLASS' stunt shoes digital feet replacement
-Animation (for Powerhouse)
'BLACK MONDAY' digital car
-Animation (for Powerhouse)
'Marvel's Defenders' hand, pipe animation
-Animation (for Zoic)
Houdini test
- foreground building and creature modeling/animation/simulation (Personal project)
- Design, modeling, ZBrush texturing, rigging (Personal project)
'The Exorcist' spider
- Animation (for Zoic)
Samsung 'Hummingbird'
-Bird animation (for 1st Avenue Machine)
Brontosaurus stroll
-Modelling, rigging, animation, compositing (personal project)
angry girl (personal test)
-modeling, texturing, hair, animation
'Birdseye' birds
-Animation (for Framestore)
'Goldie and Little Bear'
-Animation (for Curious Pictures)
GE 'Scarecrow'
 -Scarecrow animation (for Framestore)
'Goldie and Little Bear'
-Animation (for Curious Pictures)
'Quitting Time' clips
-Modelling, rigging, animation, compositing (personal project))
Pepsi 'Penguin'
-Penguin animation (for Framestore)